Kreep'z Kustom Cycles

Kreep'z Kustom Cycles

Jud Turner « Bio-Cycle » & « Abilicycle »

30 janvier 2013

« Using found objects, welded steel, and re-purposed consumer items, I create sculptures which are about the exhilarations and anxieties of living in our modern, industrialized society. My artistic philosophy is, “between seeming contradictions lie greater truths.” My work is an attempt to engage viewers on several levels of visual perception; I make art that is fun to look at, but my sculptures can have disturbing implications and mixed meanings. The themes addressed in my work are contemporary issues that many of us ponder: mortality, the intersection of nature and technology, the passing of time, spirituality, and environmental sustainability. »
Jud Turner

Vintage Ads

7 décembre 2012


Murray (bicycles)

Raleigh bicycles

Ohne Vorspiel

1 novembre 2012

Kreepz Pattern

30 octobre 2012

King of the Road

« Salut Emanuel, je t’envoie quelques photos de ta création et profite de te remercier encore une fois pour tes précieux conseils: ce vélo est une bombe, si je pouvais je passerai mes journées dessus! »