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Kreep'z Kustom Cycles

Wandkalender 2015 – Billy Ben

7 décembre 2014

Wandkalender 2015

Wandkalender 2015

Wandkalender 2015

Wandkalender 2015 – Billy Ben

« Jahre wieder… Bestellung des 2015 Wandkalender ab sofort möglich. Mit praktischen Infos wie zum Beispiel Daten der Velobörsen von Pro Velo Schweiz und weiteren (mehr oder weniger) wichtigen Anlässen im Zusammenhang mit dem Drahtesel. »

Billy Ben

Jessica Arpin « I Love Burlesk Cabaret »

13 août 2014

Jessica Arpin

Vélo romand 2008

15 juin 2014

Baselworld Hotness

2 juin 2014

Kreepz at Baselworld 2014

20 Minutes of Fame

15 mai 2014

“less complexity” – Art on wheels

7 avril 2014

© Gaëtan Rossier

kreepz custom cycles designs for alfex

« His name is Emmanuel Schafer. He is 40 years old and lives in Fribourg (CH). He has turned his hobby into a profession. On request, the Swiss artist builds cycles for an exclusive circle of clients. Cycles from the House of Kreepz are works of art, tailored to the wishes of the future owner. Schafer does not like unnecessary flourishes: “I mainly build fixies and single speed bikes – complex gearshifts and other options are obsolete here” he explains. Single speed bicycles do not have a gearshift. Sometimes the cycle cannot even free wheel in which case it is said to have a rigid gear. In every day parlance, this is often referred to familiarly as a fixie. Some fixies even do without brakes. To slow down you have to back pedal.
Mäno, as Schafer is known on the biking scene, built a fixie for fun back in 2007. “The cycle stood in my studio and suddenly everyone wanted a bike like that”, the man who remains permanently true to his Fribourg origins explains. Under the Kreepz Kustom Cycles label, Emmanuel has since been making and distributing cycles all over Europe. “Already when I was a little child I played around with my BMX wheels and later as a teenager I converted mopeds. At the time I could never have imagined that one day I could earn money with my hobby”, Schafer tells us. »

Alfex – Swiss made

Alfex Ikon Experience

3 avril 2014

Less complexity – made in Switzerland

Art on wheels kreepz kustom cycles designs for ALFEX

30 mars 2014

Straightforward design and extreme precision are distinctive features of Kreepz creations: “Made in Switzerland” is important for him and he would never deliver anything of inferior quality. As Schafer says “each of my cycles is tailored to the individual customer and as precise as a Swiss watch movement”, the artist points out. A cycle from the house of Kreepz is understated by definition. Emmanuel takes his inspiration from Charles Eames, Le Corbusier or Dieter Rams. He believes that the fixie scene has direct links with contemporary design which in turn influences the styling of these cycles.

« At the end of 2013, Kreepz Custom Cycles made contact with Alfex watches for the first time: “Modern, straightforward design and high quality products made in Switzerland are at the centre of our brands – cooperation was almost self-evident”, alfex points out. Alfex entrusted Kreepz with the design and construction of three fixies which were to embody in a playful manner the same values as the new IKON collection by Alfex. Read more in our accompanying interview with Emmanuel Schafer of Kreepz Custom Cycles. »

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Collaboration between alfex & kreepz
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